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Cheap Office Computer Build..... or Gaming if You Wish With only $500

Hello, welcome back or if you just land in here welcome, this is my first computer build i'll post. This one is from my old blog which... i won't tell the name, it.. was an embarrassing blog hehe. So.. this build was around $600 around 3 years ago but now it's probably really cheaper. If you want to build a cheap computer for your office or just for writing word and stuff this one is for you. But this build is still powerful enough to do some editing stuff, but not a really heavy stuff like film editing. It can do film editing but it won't be flawless experience. But you can change it into really cheap gaming computer too, the only thing different from the office build and the gaming is in the video card which i'll explain later down below. Alright let's not waste more time with opening paragraph and just into the list shall we?


$70 and Free Shiping

  • Revolution energy saving design with Easy Energy Saver technology
  • Supports 45nm Intel Core 2 multi-core processors with FSB 1333 MHz.
  • Features high speed Gigabit Ethernet.
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Extreme/2 Quad/2 Duo/Pentium/Celeron processor in the LGA775 package . 
  • Chipset: North Bridge: Intel G41 Express Chipset. South Bridge: Intel ICH7
  • Memory: 2 x 1.5V DDR3 DIMM sockets supporting up to 8 GB of system memory. Dual channel memory architecture. Support for DDR3 1333(O.C.)1066/800 MHz memory modules
  • Audio: Realtek audio codec. High Definition Audio. 2/4/5.1/7.1-channel. 
  • LAN: 1 x Realtek RTL8111E chip (10/100/1000 Mbit)
  • Expansion Slots: 1 x PCI Express x16 slot, running at x16. 1 x PCI Express x1 slots. 2 x PCI slot
  • Storage Interface: 1 x IDE connector supporting ATA-100/66/33 and up to 2 IDE devices.4 x SATA 3Gb/s connectors supporting up to 4 SATA 3Gb/s devices.
  • USB: Up to 8 USB 2.0/1.1 ports
  • Internal I/O Connectors: 1 x 24-pin ATX main power connector.1 x 4-pin ATX 12V power connector.1 x IDE connector.4 x SATA 3Gb/s connectors.1 x CPU fan header.1 x system fan header.1 x front panel header.1 x front panel audio header.2 x USB 2.0/1.1 headers.1 x clearing CMOS jumper.
  • Back Panel Connectors:1 x PS/2 keyboard port.1 x PS/2 mouse port.1 x parallel port.1 x serial port.1 x D-Sub port.4 x USB 2.0/1.1 ports.1 x RJ-45 port.3 x audio jacks (Line In/Line Out/Microphone)


Intel Core 2 Duo E8400

List Price $30.00

$12.55 + $4.95 shipping (17 April 2016)

Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 is really cheap and kind of too old, but since Gigabyte G41MT-S2PT can use Intel Core 2 Quad you might want to check 'em down below. you'll get some extra cores and performance for few bucks. But if money is your first priority then this should do.


  • Mfr Part Number: EU80570PJ0806M;AT80570PJ0806M
  • Model: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor E8400
  • Core Count: 2
  • Clock Speed: 3.0 GHz
  • L2 Cache: 6 MB
  • FSB Speed: 1333 MHz
  • Lithography: 45 nm
  • Socket: LGA 775
  • Max Thermal Design Power: 65 W
$47 + $6 Shiping
Might not come with heatsink and thermal paste but if you buy this processor, you need this thermal paste and heatsink or if you have a stock version then you can use 'em as well


  • Core Count: 4
  • Clock Speed: 2.66 GHz
  • L2 Cache: 4 MB
  • FSB Speed: 1333 MHz
  • Socket: LGA 775
  • Max Thermal Design Power: 95 W

RAM Stick

Crucial Ballistix Sport 8GB Kit (4GBx2) DDR3

List Price $101
$36.99& FREE Shipping
Pretty good deal for 8GB RAM Stick but if you want a cheaper one you can always get the 2GB or 4GB

  • RAM                : 4 GB DDR3 1600
  • Memory Speed  : 1600 MHz
Other RAM Stick

From $50
I'm not really good at choosing power supply. But i'm pretty sure this is enough. I mean 500w is a huge number right.. right?

  • Multiple protection design
  • More than 70% efficiency
  • Super silent operation with intelligent fan speed control
  • Green power design to meet with energy star
  • Compliance with the newest Intel std ATX 12V V2.3
  • Maximum Power: 500 W
  • Type: ATX from factor 12V V2.01
  • Non PFC (Power Factor Correction)
  • Fan: 120mm Sleeve bearing fan
  • Connectors: 1 x 20+4 pin Motherboard Connector; 1 x 4+4pin 12V CPU Connector; 1 x 6pin PCI-Express Connectors; 4 x SATA Connectors; 5 x 4pin Peripheral Connectors; 1 x 4pin Floppy Connectors
  • Protection: OVP/ OPP/ Short Circuit Protection

Video Card (GPU)

Now this is the part where office build and cheap gaming build getting seperate. Office build video card isn't that demanding, even if do not buy a video card the pc will still running pretty good but gaming computer MUST have a video card so this is OPTIONAL for OFFICE BUILD


This one is the high end video card. With this you are guaranteed huge performance for gaming.


Max Screen Resolution    :2560 x 1600
Memory Speed             :1400 MHz
Graphics Coprocessor     :AMD
Chipset Brand                    :AMD
Graphics Card Ram Size    :2 GB

$158.99 & FREE Shipping

  • Base Clock: 1152 MHz / Boost Clock: 1342 MHz
  • Memory Clock: 6610 MHz Effective
  • CUDA Cores: 768
  • Memory Detail: 2048MB GDDR5
  • Memory Bit Width 128 Bit / Memory Speed: 0.30ns / Memory Bandwidth: 105.76 GB/s
  • Recommended PSU: 350W or greater power supply
  • Max Screen Resolution: 4096x2160
  • Memory Speed: 6610 MHz
  • Graphics Coprocessor: NVIDIA
  • Graphics Card Ram Size: 2

List Price $59.99
$29.99 & FREE Shipping
Very cheap alternative. Recommended for the Office Build


  • Base Clock: 520 MHz
  • Memory Clock: 1200 MHz Effective
  • CUDA Cores: 16
  • Memory Detail: 1024MB DDR3
  • Memory Bit Width 64 Bit / Memory Bandwidth: 9.6 GB/s
  • Recommended PSU: 300W or greater power supply
  • Screen Resolution: 2560 x 1600 pixels
  • Processor: 520 MHz
  • RAM: 1024 MB DDR3 SDRAM
  • Memory Speed: 1200 MHz
  • Graphics Coprocessor: GeForce 210
  • Chipset Brand: Nvidia
  • Graphics Card Ram Size: 1 GB


    For the case i'm not really recommend anything important if you have your own case then that's good any computer case can be used. But don't worry i am still going to list something anyway

      Rosewill Dual Fans MicroATX Mini Tower Computer Case FBM-01

        List Price: $49.99

        $23.26 & FREE Shipping
        This is a cheap and nice looking case good enough for an office computer. But you can find other case that suit yourself or you can build one your own.

        Extra Part


        Lowest Cost    : $240 without video card and extras
        Medium Cost   : $540 with Radeon R9 270 without extras
        Highest Cost    : $907 with Radeon R9 270 with extras 

        So, that's it folks for office build and gaming build computer. Hope you find it useful and tell if any missinformation or of you have better suggestion for the build. And if you still don't know how to build your own computer go to the link below for the how to page :)

        How to Build Computer... link updating...

        Saturday, April 16, 2016

        Introduction.. Sort of

        First Stuff

        Hello and here is my first post in this blog. You probably wonder why you landed in this blog with pretty much nothing in term of content compared to other big websites. But don't panic, your time is not going to be wasted, well yes if you count now because there is literally nothing in here the time this post go online, but for the next few weeks i'll fill the blog with some list of recommended product , which i'm going to say now taken from other big websites. Think of this as a fast way to get lists of recommended gaming rig and general computer parts.

        The Part Where I Explain What I am Going to Post

        Stuff that i will post are mostly lists of computer stuff, gaming stuff, and general computer stuff. Most of the list are not going to be made by me, because i have neither the money nor the time to check all gaming rig to make atleast 1 list.


        Thank you for your time to read my humble introduction sort of stuff. And i really appreciate if you share or follow the blog :)